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Thomas Lindhqvist

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Ongoing projects

MEMIMAN: Material Efficiency Management in Manufacturing

MEMIMAN is one of the research projects financed by MISTRA closing the loop programme. In close collaboration with partners with industry, we seek to assess current and future trends/drivers/challenges/obstacles related to recycling of waste from industrial facilities, in order to improve the closure of recycling loop.

An extended producer responsibility (EPR) system and new business models to increase reuse and recycling of textiles in the Nordic region

This two-year project seeks to develop and propose possible policy packages which would encourage the establishmentof extended producer responsibility (EPR) systems and innovative new business models aimed at increasing reuse and recycling of textiles in the Nordic region.

New business models and commercial opportunities in lighting

Policies and business models will be decisive for the development of new solutions in lighting.

Policy instruments and business models for closed material loops

The shift to energy-saving lamps has made effective collection and treatment of discarded lamps a priority to reduce mercury emissions. Knowledge about today's systems and experiences from similar products are limited and scattered.


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