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T2 Podcast: Talking Transformations

Research shows conversations matter - both for learning and inspiring action. In this new podcast collection, we are 'Talking Transformations' with thought leaders from government, industry, and academia. Our mission is to discuss current trends in science, technology, governance, and behaviours to transform our society and economy towards sustainability. We release a mini-series several times a year, consisting of a bundle of episodes around a common theme. Our inaugural mini-series focuses on cities, climate, and change. 

The podcasts discusses current trends in science, technology, governance, and behaviours to transform our society and economy towards sustainability. A new mini-series in this collection will be released several times a year. The inaugural series focuses on cities, climate, and change.

Many thanks to ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability - for their support and contributions making the podcast possible as well as the WRI Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities, the European Commission and the Pune Municipal Corporation.

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Innovation and Cities

Medals at the Olympics, the Oscars in Hollywood, Nobel Prizes for scientists – but what about an award for cities working with sustainability? In this episode, we discuss the ‘Prize for Cities’ recognising transformative projects in cities around the world that are igniting innovation on sustainability and climate action. We interview Rogier Vandenberg – the Global Director for the Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities at the World Resources Institute (WRI). He provides a host of insights into the purpose, ambitions and impact of the ‘Prize for Cities’.

Collaboration and Cities

We don’t just need action, we need informed action. That’s the ambition behind the global research and action agenda for cities. In this episode, we discuss collaborative urban research and what co-creating means in practice. We interview Pourya Salehi who is the Head of the Urban Research Team at ICLEI. He discusses the importance of informed decision-making, genuinely engaging cities in research processes, and the role of research for transformative climate action in cities.

Missions and Cities - Spotlight on Europe

The mission to the moon – an extraordinary achievement by humanity. But can we take that mission approach and apply it to cities? In this episode, we discuss the mission for 100 climate neutral cities in Europe by 2030. We interview Matthew Baldwin from the European Commission and the inaugural Mission Manager for the Mission on 100 Climate Neutral Cities. He gives a glimpse into the thinking behind the mission and how cities can harness collaborations, innovation and financing. 

Resilience and Cities - Spotlight on USA

The ‘Race to Zero’ emissions is here, where cities around the world have recognised the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience to the impacts of climate change. In this episode, we focus on cities within the USA, and the ‘Race to Zero’ as well as the ‘Race to Resilience’. We interview Angie Fyfe, the Executive Director of ICLEI USA. She provides insights into how cities in the USA are combating climate change and building resilience, and she talks about the type of leadership needed for transformation.

Nature and Cities - Spotlight on Africa

It’s time for Africa. A continent that is home to 1.2 billion people. But how are cities and communities responding to a changing climate and building resilience? In this episode, we discuss how cities in Africa are working with nature and biodiversity. We interview Ingrid Coetzee who is the Director of Biodiversity, Nature and Health at ICLEI Africa and the ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center. She talks about a host of initiatives in Africa and lessons on how to connect biodiversity, nature, cities and communities.

Transport and Cities - Spotlight on India

The Taj Mahal, Bollywood, and a cricket powerhouse. India means many things to many people. It is also a country of some 1.3 billion people where mitigation and adaptation to climate change is rising up the agenda. In this episode, we discuss transformative urban action in the City of Pune in India. We interview Kunal Kumar who is Additional Municipal Commissioner from the Pune Municipal Corporation in India. He focuses on how the City of Pune is working with transport and in particular public transport and electrification of transport.

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Host: Kes McCormick