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New to the library?

*Access to the library         

IIIEE students and researchers have access to the library outside its regular opening hours. Use your LU card to enter the library. Simply place your LU card on the door’s card reader until you hear the “click” sound. (Don’t forget to charge your LU card daily in order to get access to various part of the building, including the library). There is a LU card charger on the wall, to the left of the elevator in the lobby.

* Non-IIIEE students, researchers and external users have access to the library only during regular opening hours.

Borrowing materials 

You can borrow library materials even when a librarian is not on site. A book registration form can be found by the library’s entrance.

Write down your name, today's date and the bar code(s) of the book(s) you are borrowing. You can then drop the paper note in the registration box. The materials will be registered in your library account by the librarian on the next working day.

Returning materials

When there is no librarian on site you can return your books in the book drop outside the library. The materials will be processed and registered back into the system the next working day.

Books that belong to any other Lund university faculty library can also be returned at the IIIEE library.

Books that belong to the city library cannot returned and processed at the IIIEE library or any other Lund university faculty library.

Inter-library loans should be returned to the faculty library there were originally borrowed from.

Reference materials

Books with a red sticker on that reads “ref” cannot be home borrowed. You can read them at the library or elsewhere in the building and should be returned back to the library once you are done. You can put them back on the shelf you took them from, return them in the drop box or place them in the library’s book trolley.


You can request books from other Lund University libraries for you to pick up at the IIIEE library. Simply change the pickup location to IIIEE.

Course books cannot be requested and must be picked up by personally from shelf at the library they are registered at.

Lund University library has a lot of materials that cannot be home borrowed and have to be read at the library only.

Display case

The display case in the lobby has 4 sections: new books, latest research publications, PhD dissertations and others.

The new books section contains information about the library’s latest tittles. You can find them in the new books section in the library.

The research publications section shows the first page of the latest research papers published by institute’s researchers. Full access at:

The PhD dissertations section contains the latest work published by the institute’s phD students. Lift up the front panel of the display case and grab a copy if the work is of interest to you. Full access at:

The other section contains information of a general character in connection to the institute's goals, programmes&courses, current projects and future plans.