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National sustainability manager at Sobeys - a career of an IIIEE alumnus

Nicholas Arsenault is working as a National Sustainability Manager at Sobeys Inc., a large canadian food retailer.

Nicholas Arsenault

Home country: Canada

Current work position: National Sustainability Manager, Sobeys Inc.

Graduation year from the IIIEE: 2012

Describe your job and the most exciting aspects of it

I work as the national sustainability manager for a large canadian food retailer. In this capacity I work on a number of different projects and issues that involve our business, supply chain, and direct operations. There are many exciting aspects of my work, including the fact that Sustainability touches on all areas of the business, and so my role is one that works in and amongst most of the departments within our company. Also, sustainability is very relevant in the world of food, and even more so these days as consumers demand to be informed in all aspects of the foods that they eat. We also get to collaborate and work pre-competitively with many other large food and CPG companies on a whole range of issues. In a pre-competitive space, innovation is more likely and easy.

Did studying at the IIIEE contribute to you getting this job? If so – how?

My graduate studies at the IIIEE were completely responsible for my transition into this job. It provided me with a high level, but also detailed understanding of the overlaps between economics, business, and sustainability and the environment. I feel that the hands on experiences, whether visiting productions facilities or consulting for a large Swedish food company, provided me with the real world experience and nuanced approach required in this field.

What do you wish for current and future IIIEE students?

I hope that IIIEE students can see that this education provides an incredible foundation and perspective to engage in the often difficult world of sustainability. I hope that students leave their studies with a real world approach so that they tackle the issues that face our societies and globe in a meaningful way.