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Agenda 2030 - Research to enable a circular building sector

A close up of a young girl - toddler age - blowing soap bubbles.

Project Leader: Ulla Jansson (at IIIEE Lena Neij)

Duration: 2022-2024

Financing Body: LU-projekt

Collaborators: LU projekt 

IIIEE researchers: Paul Gotia

Aim: Globally, the construction industry is a major producer of emissions. It uses considerable natural resources and energy and generates large volumes of waste. The industry is in great need of adaptation in order to be sustainable in the long term. Providing support for a circular building sector requires several approaches and the research project is intended to be part of a larger centre of expertise in which experience and knowledge are shared between academia, industry and local communities. The project will cover policies and regulations, responsibilities and agreements, economic models and goals for waste and district heating.

Project website: