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Excellence and Renewal in Interdisciplinary Research
The IIIEE provides excellence and renewal in interdisciplinary research, involving stakeholders from government, industry, and society.

The IIIEE is a centre of excellence conducting interdisciplinary and collaborative research focused on advancing sustainable solutions. We advance knowledge on how to catalyse the transition to low-carbon and resource efficient economies across different levels of governance and management.

  • International and nation policy intervention
  • Urban governance and experimentation
  • Business management and practice
  • Consumption governance

There is a genuine interdisciplinary approach to all IIIEE research. We synthesize insights not only from economic theory and practice but also from natural sciences, engineering, political science, organisational, legal and behavioural studies. We conduct research in close collaboration with business, public authorities and other societal partners.

International and nation policy intervention

In this theme, the IIIEE advances knowledge on policy instruments, developed and implemented by governments and international authorities. We need to bridge the gap between science and policy, we therefore develop methodologies and analytical approaches and provide new insights in areas such as a green economy, low-carbon technologies and mitigation strategies, resource and product policy, and a circular economy. We identify barriers to policy intervention, analyse learning opportunities and address multi-level governance interactions. The research is conducted in collaboration with governmental authorities and organisations.

Urban governance and experimentation

In this theme, the IIIEE advances knowledge on urban governance, experimentation and innovation. We go beyond traditional urban planning by including tools such as visions, collaborative dialogues, urban living labs, financing models, local regulations and public procurement for urban transition processes. The research is conducted in collaboration with municipalities, businesses, public organisations and other societal partners.

Business management and practice

In this theme, the IIIEE advances knowledge on sustainable business management and practice. Based on the conviction that the transition towards sustainable development requires both changes in business practice and institutional context, we research sustainable business models, management approaches to support industry transitions, corporate sustainability strategies, CSR and the nexus of corporate action (private regulation), standards and public policy. The research is conducted in collaboration with businesses, governmental authorities and other societal organisations.

Consumption governance

In this theme, the IIIEE advances knowledge on consumption governance. Based on knowledge about barriers and drivers for sustainable consumption and lifestyles, we conduct research on sustainable consumption policies, behavioural economics and market responses to policy intervention, the sharing and prosumer economy, as well as visions, pathways and scenarios for sustainable consumption. The research is conducted in collaboration with governmental authorities, businesses and other societal organisations.



In 2014, the IIIEE published a research evaluation report in which we evaluated the IIIEE research in terms of four strategic areas introduced in the strategic plan of Lund university. The four strategic areas are quality enhancement, cross-boundary collaboration, internationalisation, and leadership, teacher and employee excellence. The evaluation focused on 2008-2013.

Please download the evaluation report from 2014 here

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