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The IIIEE produces two podcast series: Advancing Sustainable Solutions and Talking Transformations. You can subscribe and listen to our podcasts on any of your favourite platforms.

IIIEE Podcast: Advancing Sustainable Solutions

Research suggests individuals and organisations want to behave in sustainable ways. But, it can be challenging to know which actions to prioritise that have the most impact. In this podcast, we discuss important sustainability topics to inform listeners and provide concrete actions to advance sustainable solutions. Our mission is to make sustainability tangible and accessible, by sharing the latest research and events through conversation with colleagues from Lund University. ‘Advancing Sustainable Solutions' is produced by the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. We release new episodes regularly. See the episodes here.

Student Podcast: Sustainably Speaking Beyond the Aula

Are you ready to embark on a sustainability conversation that takes you beyond the typical classroom setting? Look no further than our new student-led podcast series, which gives you a deeper understanding which sustainability topics are currently in focus at the IIIEE and in the IIIEE expert network. In each episode, we bring you conversations between sustainability change-agents at the IIIEE. Led by EMP and MESPOM students, the mini-series covers broad insights into the student body, the programs, and inspirational figures of one of the most prestigious sustainability research institutions in Europe. With themes ranging from food, industry, business innovation, and urban sustainability, this podcast is the perfect way to stay informed and inspired on the latest developments in the field of sustainability research, practices as well as policy and legislation. So what are you waiting for? Join us to learn more about and to spread the sustainability insights, challenges and opportunities! - Meet the hosts and see the episodes here.

T2 Podcast: Talking Transformations

Research shows conversations matter - both for learning and inspiring action. In this new podcast collection, we are 'Talking Transformations' with thought leaders from government, industry, and academia. Our mission is to discuss current trends in science, technology, governance, and behaviours to transform our society and economy towards sustainability. 'Talking Transformations' is produced by the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. We release a mini-series several times a year, consisting of a bundle of episodes around a common theme. Our inaugural mini-series focuses on cities, climate, and change. See the episodes here.