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IIIEE in 2023: Key activities and milestones

2023 was a year with impressively many IIIEE activities. The IIIEE participated in many, many, many collaborative processes, events, presentations, conferences, applications etc, leading to new research and many conclusion on how to advance a transformative change in society. Many articles were produced, new proposals granted, student reports written, an alumni conference organised and examinations successfully finalised. The IIIEE research proved its excellence by receiving extremely high citation index when our research the past 10 years was evaluated. 

The year was also characterized by the renovation of the building, which led to some complications with online solutions and that the education moved to other buildings during the spring.  During the autumn everything was however almost back to normal. In sum, both student and staff have performed exceptionally well and the administration has contributed with their excellent skills and support which has paved way for success in both research and education. Many thanks to all of you! 

Thanks to all students and staff for your efforts and to all our partners, companies and organizations for creative and constructive collaboration in 2023.

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Jenny Palm, IIIEE Director    

IIIEE Research

During the year 2023 we worked to strengthen the Business themes. Georgios Pardalis started as an associate senior lecturer and Vera Sadovska as a postdoc, both contribute to several business related MSc courses now. Moreover, Nancy Bocken was employed as a Guest Professor to support in the business related themes.

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Research themes

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Research Projects 

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Research Impact

IIIEE Education

The Master’s programmes at the IIIEE continue to add value by their interdisciplinary and international nature, being international in scope, and emphasising collaboration with society. 

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Master's programs

We are devoted to our two international top class Master's programs.

  • EMP - Environmental Policy and Management

  • MESPOM - Erasmus Mundus Master's Course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (hosted by a  consortium of four universities) 

Class room with teacher and students

Additional courses

We have been teaching more than in our own Masters programs.

  • 3 courses to the Faculty of Natural science

  • 1 course to the Faculty of Engineering

  • 2 SASI-courses to exchange students

  • 1 Commissioned education course to practitioners

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Attractive education

We have witnessed record high numbers of applicants to our Master's programs.

  • 715 applicants for the EMP program (21 applicants per spot)

  • 1613 applicants for MESPOM program (36 applicants per spot)


The IIIEE MOOCs have each been running since 2015 and have so far attracted participants from 212 countries and regions. The majority of participants are in the age of 25-34, 65% are full time employed or unemployed and the majority have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Most are individuals with personal/career motives and approx. 15% are joining the courses coming from or representing organizations.

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MOOC offerings

The IIIEE continues to be the most MOOC-productive unit at Lund University.

  • 2 new MOOCs were launched

  • 2 new MOOCs projects were initiated

  • 1 grant was received for MOOC development 

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MOOC outreach

The IIIEE MOOC reach is wide and growing.

  • 110000 new visitors in the courses (now a total of 1.1 million) 
  • 22000 new enrolled course participants (now a total of 220000) 
  • 13000 active course participants (now a total of 120000
  • 4000 new completed course participant (now total of 23000)
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Added value from MOOCs

The digital course material developed for MOOCs has proven even more useful.

  • 3 internal courses are building on MOOC materials (2 SASI-courses and 1 Commissioned Education course) 
  • 1 external course has been using MOOC materials (in a course for undergraduate students at Halmstad Högskola) 
  • 4.7 out of 5 is the average quality rating given from our MOOC-participants

IIIEE Organization

Individual capacity and thriving team work is the essence of the IIIEE. We are a dynamic organization and continue to adjust our structure and functions according to best fit our vision.


Group in hybrid gettogether

Dedicated staff

During the year we grew with 3 staff to include in total 47 staff members.

  • 22 senior researchers and teachers

  • 6 professors and senior researchers

  • 5 administration

  • 7 PhD students

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Agile organization

We keep strengthening our organisation and build capacity where needed.

  • 3 recruitments

  • 1 new team leader

  • 2 staff meetings

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Active student groups

Our building houses a rich and diverse range of dedicated students.

  • 131 Masters students in total and over the whole year

  • 75 undergraduate students

  • 61 exchange students

IIIEE Communication

More so than ever, staff members at the IIIEE have contributed information about events, deliverables and projects, allowing for more transparency and dialogues around the many IIIEE activities.

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We keep in touch with an ever-growing crowd on Facebook.

  • 4300 followers in the IIIEE group

  • 748 members in the alumni group

  • 5900 followers in the IIIEE MOOC group
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We are increasingly active on LinkedIn.

  • 5400 followers and 812 members in the IIIEE group

  • 1300 members in the IIIEE MOOCs group
  • 2 region-specific IIIEE alumni groups (Canada and Germany) with 84 members
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Our popular Podcast series are increasingly supporting our research dissemination and expert insights.

  • 3 podcast series (1 initiated and managed by students)

  • 48 podcast episodes in total

  • 6500 downloads and over 1300 streams

Alumni Engagements

You can leave but you never check out... our alumni network is more active than ever, with an Executive Committee, a dedicated platform, exchange of job posts and project resources, regional subgroups and a regular conference for IRL meetings.


Graduation ceremony in the university aula

Recent graduates

The students graduating was a more diverse group than ever.

  • 30 EMP students
  • 21 MESPOM students 
  • 120+ countries represented
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Alumni Network

Our alumni network is growing, thriving and still interacting with IIIEE.

  • 1100+ alumni in the network
  • 50+ alumni involved in teaching in the Master's courses at IIIEE
  • 91% signed up on the alumni platform 
People chatting in a festive room

Alumni Conference

A record number of alumni reunited at the Network Conference.

  • 22+ themes and workshops 
  • 250+ participants
  • 25+ batches represented

Photo credits: Håkan Rodhe, Charlotte Leire, Johan Persson, Pixabay and Shutterstock (Creative Commons).