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High Quality and Innovative Education
The IIIEE provides graduate education that equips students with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities needed to become agents of change and future leaders who are capable of advancing sustainable solutions. The IIIEE offers world leading Master's education and a Doctoral Programme.

Master's Programmes

In 1995, the IIIEE launched its unique Master’s programme in Environmental Policy and Management (EMP) to educate professionals committed to and capable of solving global sustainability challenges. More than 850 graduates of the programme from 90 nations have completed the programme and contributing to sustainable development in industry, government, the UN, NGOs, SMEs, and academia.

In 2005, the IIIEE joined a consortium to launch the Erasmus Mundus Master's Course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM).  MESPOM is delivered in cooperation with 3 European and 2 North American universities, enabling the students to study different aspects of sustainability in different cultural and academic contexts.

Check out IIIEE Master's theses to learn more about the Masters education.

Special Area Studies course for exchange students at Lund University

Currently the IIIEE offers one SAS course: Greening the Economy - Lessons from Scandinavia (7,5 credits)

Doctoral Programme

The IIIEE educates the next generation of scholars able to advance academic knowledge. The PhD education lasts for 4 years and includes both research activities and doctoral courses. The availability of financial support for the whole duration of the PhD programme is a precondition for accepting doctoral students at the IIIEE.

There is no special application form and new PhD positions are announced under Vacancies.

Check out IIIEE Dissertations to learn more about the Doctoral Programme.

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For questions about the EMP programme

If your inquiry regards EMP programme related topics, such as eligibility or language requirements, please fill in the contact form

For other questions about the EMP programme, please write to us via emp [at] iiiee [dot] lu [dot] se

For questions about the MESPOM programme

If your inquiry regards MESPOM programme related topics, please go to: Mespom Contact

or write to: coordinator [at] mespom [dot] eu (Mespom Email contact)

For questions about the Special Area Studies Course (SAS)

For questions about the Special Area Studies Course (SAS), please contact us via emp [at] iiiee [dot] lu [dot] se

For questions about the PhD programme

If your inquiry regards the PhD programme, write to: phd [dot] program [at] iiiee [dot] lu [dot] se (PhD Programme Email contact)

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