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Circular economy & business models

One of the ongoing research themes at the IIIEE

Companies pursue sustainability in their business models for several reasons. Reasons could be that society increasingly demands this, that technology advances make it feasible or that socio-economic development patterns grow markets, to name just a few. As a result, many companies experiment with new business models that pursue resource-efficiency, circularity, and sustainability. 

However, implementation of such business models demands changes to business operations and overall organisational management. A mix of signals and multiple possible paths forward can create a confusing mix for managers. Knowledge is required to support processes of mapping and untangling this maze. Knowledge and guidance, on how to navigate internal and external challenges, is required to companies as they develop business models for sustainability-oriented products and services.

At the IIIEE, we currently work with circular economy & business models by looking at the range and type of drivers that stimulate uptake of new business models, the organisational changes and capacity enhancement needed by companies to recognise opportunities & to operationalise new business models. We also examine and discuss the strategies required to build resources / capacities and the approaches to manage intra- and inter-firm tensions, inertia, opportunities & threats. All which have implications for supply and value chain as well as in stakeholders relations.

Ongoing research projects on this theme

The IIIEE is currently working with circular economy and business models in a number of projects.

Construction engineers

En hållbar cirkulär byggindustri