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IIIEE podcast “Advancing Sustainable Solutions” receives honorary mention

Steven Curtis and Sofie Sandin Lompar standing in front of a brick wall. Photo.
Steven Curtis and Sofie Sandin Lompar, co-hosts and founders of the podcast Advancing Sustainable Solutions. Photo: Li Strandberg

The Lund University Agenda 2030 Award was handed out for the first time at a ceremony in Lund on May 5. The award wants to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research on sustainable development by early career scholars at the university. Steven Curtis, Sofie Sandin Lompar, Frans Libertson, Katherine Shabb and Karolina Södergren received an honorary mention for their innovative approach of sharing scientific knowledge to a broad audience through the podcast.

Alexandra Nikoleris, Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Technology and Science at the Faculty of Engineering, won the award and was praised for her innovative work in designing creative and sustainable future scenarios. She has for instance created “Carbon ruins”, an exhibition from 2053, when we have left the fossil era behind.

Article about the laureates and their projects (in Swedish) -

Two honorary mentions was handed out, one to PhD student Ana Goidea, and one to the team behind the IIIEE podcast.

The podcast was initiated in 2018 by Sofie Sandin Lompar and Steven Curtis, who were PhD students at the time. They recognised that much of the research conducted within academia is not accessible to the public. In part, this is because the research that is published is not easily understood by a lay audience, which is often only available to people and institutions that pay publishers to access this content. As such, Steven and Sofie sought to find a medium to communicate the ongoing research at the IIIEE in a way that was accessible and contextualised to a general audience interested in sustainability and the events at the IIIEE. The podcast has produced 30 episodes and received 46 000 downloads, placing it in the top 10% of all podcasts globally.

Listen to the latest episode “It’s not just a concept: a holistic approach to implement nature-based solutions”

More information about the podcast

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Sofie Sandin Lompar, Steven Curtis and Kristina Jönsson standing with a wall and curtain behind them. Photo.
Sofie Sandin Lompar and Steven Curtis at the ceremony together with Kristina Jönsson, coordinator at Lund University Agenda 2030 Graduate School. Photo: Li Strandberg