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Oksana Mont

Oksana Mont is Professor in Sustainable Consumption and Production at the IIIEE. She holds a PhD in Engineering, M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Policy and M.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry. Her current areas of interest are sustainable consumption and production and sustainable lifestyles. She is also interested in the role of retailers in promoting sustainability of their own operations and along supply chains. Other areas of interest are product-service systems, innovation in industry and social innovation, supply chain management and corporate social responsibility, and environmental product policy. Oksana also teaches Masters' and PhD courses at Lund University and other universities of Europe and Latin America, and i supervise PhD students.

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Ongoing projects

REES - Resource Efficient and Effective Solutions

REES – Resource‐Efficient and Effective Solutions based on circular economy thinking is a 4‐year programme run by a consortium of leading Swedish universities, large and small companies and societal actors, and is funded by MISTRA. The programme’s vision is to advance the transition of the Swedish manufacturing industry towards a circular and sustainable economy. IIIEE will have the main responsibility for research related to business models and policies.

Urban Reconomy: Sharing for circular resource efficiency

This multidisciplinary project aims to advance Urban Reconomy by analysing how sharing and collaborative production schemes are organised, what is their contribution to circular economy and how it can be harnessed through innovative institutional constellations and entrepreneurial processes in diverse urban contexts.

Urban Sharing: From excess economy to access economy

Urban sharing of assets, spaces and skills has emerged as a prospective solution to sustainability challenges faced by cities. However, its sustainability potential and institutional processes to harness it have not been systematically scrutinised. This research programme aims to examine, test and advance knowledge about design, sustainability of practices and institutionalisation processes of urban sharing organisations across 8 cities from 5 continents. The research conflates studies on sustainable consumption and production with organisational theory and the neo-institutional field.

Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions

European cities face a pressing challenge to provide economic prosperity and social cohesion while achieving environmental sustainability. In response, new ‘living labs’ – sites devised to design, test and learn from social and technical innovation in real time – are being formed.

Implications and reporting of virtual meetings

The goal of the project is to develop a framework and to propose a credible and applicable routine for the reporting of VMs by public authorities, as well as develop methods for monitoring and consequence analysis of the increased VM use.

Furthering markets of green and ethical products: the role of retailers

In the project ”Furthering markets of green and ethical products: the role of retailers”, IIIEE researchers analyse the role of retailers in creating more sustainable food markets. 

Servicizing Policy for Resource Efficient Economy (SPREE)

SPREE (Servicizing Policy for Resource Efficient Economy) is a three-year project within the environment theme under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme 

European Topic Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (ETC/SCP)

The IIIEE researchers continued to provide expertise work on the European Topic Centre on Sustainable Production and Consumption. They worked, for instance, on a project on understanding the potential of recycling of electronic waste in capturing critical metals in Europe.


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database



Retrieved from Lund University's publications database



Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


E-mail: oksana [dot] mont [at] iiiee [dot] lu [dot] se


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