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Matthias Lehner

Matthias Lehner has a long lasting interest in sustainable consumption and production. During his studies at agricultural universities in Vienna and Uppsala he received training in agricultural production and the food supply chain. For his PHD dissertation he looked into the role of food retailers in promoting sustainable consumption. During his PhD he even worked with the ‘nudge’ concept.

For his postdoc Matthias focuses on sustainable consumption behavior more general, moving beyond the realm of food. He is part of two major research projects, where he teams up with a team of researchers to study collaborative consumption. Matthias’ main aim is to examine the concept of ‘the sharing economy’ to understand its value for sustainable consumption. Primarily he tries to understand the circumstances under which sharing can succeed and indeed lead to more sustainable consumption patterns.

Academic/Research Topics: 
Consumer behavior
Collaborative consumption
Green business models

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Ongoing projects

Urban Reconomy: sharing for circular resource efficiency

Urban Sharing: from excess to access economy 




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Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database

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