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Women in power, and the winding road there: examining diversity in the Swedish Energy Sector

People at an intersection

A new project aims to understand why women remain a minority in the energy sector and create qualitative research-based tools that can lead to greater diversity and inclusion on multiple levels of decision making.

Energy transitions are not only about the expansion of renewable energy sources, they also need to include diverse decision makers at all levels. While Sweden is a country that holds the first place in the EU on the Gender Equality Index, women are a minority in the energy sector, with 76% of employees being men. A new project conducted by Jenny Palm, Daniela Lazoroska and Anna-Riikka Kojonsaari aims to examine the conditions for women working in the Swedish energy sector, as well as follow their initiatives towards increased diversity and equality therein. In the past few years, women have built associations to provide others with networking opportunities, mentorship, and shed light on the challenges they encounter. While research has confirmed that professional networking is beneficial, what networking is, how this translates to promotions and wellbeing, or how collective efforts could trickle up into a more equitable energy system is rarely described in qualitative empirical detail, which this project aims to provide.

The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), and will run between June 2023 to December 2025.

Visit the project homepage for updates here.