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Andrius Plepys

Research Areas: 
Strategies for sustainable consumption and lifestyles
Academic/Research Topics: 
waste management systems
servicising for resource efficient economy
business models for innovative lighting solutions

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Ongoing projects

New business models and commercial opportunities in lighting

Policies and business models will be decisive for the development of new solutions in lighting.

Furthering markets of green and ethical products: the role of retailers

In the project ”Furthering markets of green and ethical products: the role of retailers”, IIIEE researchers analyse the role of retailers in creating more sustainable food markets.

Servicizing Policy for Resource Efficient Economy (SPREE)

SPREE (Servicizing Policy for Resource Efficient Economy) is a three-year project within the environment theme under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme 

European Topic Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (ETC/SCP)

The IIIEE researchers continued to provide expertise work on the European Topic Centre on Sustainable Production and Consumption. They worked, for instance, on a project on understanding the potential of recycling of electronic waste in capturing critical metals in Europe.


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Retrieved from Lund University's publications database

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