Sustainable consumption governance

Sustainable consumption governance – for a transition to low-carbon and resource efficient-economies.

Transition to a sustainable society entails changes in both sustainable production and consumption patterns and levels. This can only be achieved when a broad spectrum of actors, such as businesses, consumers, policy makers, NGOs and CSOs, and public sector, take on responsibility for the transition. The theme sustainable consumption governance aims to support actions of the stakeholders by:

  1. Advancing knowledge, tools and approaches on sustainable consumption governance that can help catalyse the shift to low-carbon, resource efficient & sufficient economies
  2. Profiling the IIIEE as a thought and action leader in sustainable consumption governance in Sweden and beyond
  3. Strengthening and helping consolidate Swedish and international research on sustainable consumption governance
  4. Advising and supporting Swedish and international policy makers and other actors with knowledge about sustainable consumption governance

Researchers in the theme:

Research coordinator: Professor in sustainable consumption governance Oksana Mont

IIIEE researchers: Yuliya Voytenko Palgan, Andrius Plepys, Matthias Lehner, Jagdeep Singh, Kes Mccormick, Steven Curtis, Lucie Zvolska, Heather SchoonoverAna Maria Arbelaez Velez 

Current research projects:

Urban Sharing: Sustainability and Institutionalisation Pathways

Urban Reconomy: sharing for circular resource efficiency

Sharing Cities Sweden

MISTRA Sustainable consumption – from niche to mainstream

Past research projects:

Urban Sharing: From excess economy to access economy

Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions (GUST)

Sustainable Store