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About the Team

The IIIEE Podcast celebrates its fourth season, and sees a new team contributing to the production of ‘Advancing Sustainable Solutions’: Steven Curtis, Sofie Sandin Lompar, and Frans Libertson.

The IIIEE Podcast was initiated in 2018 by PhD students Sofie Sandin Lompar and Steven Curtis. They recognised that much of the research conducted within academia is not accessible to the public. In part, this is because the research that is published is not easily understood by a lay audience, which is often only available to people and institutions that pay publishers to access this content. As such, Steven and Sofie sought to find a medium to communicate the ongoing research at the IIIEE in a way that was accessible and contextualised to a general audience interested in sustainability and the events at the IIIEE. 

Steven Curtis and Sofie Sandin Lompar standing in front of a brick wall. Photo.
The podcast was initiated in 2018 by Steven Curtis and Sofie Sandin Lompar. Photo: Li Strandberg
Steven Curtis. Photo.

Steven Curtis

Returning for another season, Steven Curtis will serve as podcast co-host. Steven is a postdoctoral researcher, exploring critically the design and implementation of sustainable business models. Steven also teaches in various courses pertaining to environmental science, business and management, as well as the circular economy. Steven is a graduate of the Environmental Management and Policy Master's Programme at the IIIEE (2015). He obtained his Bachelor of Science from Penn State in Environmental Meteorology (2011), with emphasis on the impact humans have on climate, air, and water.

Sofie Sandin Lompar profile picture

Sofie Sandin Lompar

Returning to the podcast for the fourth season, Sofie Sandin Lompar will serve as co-host. Sofie is a postdoctoral researcher looking at the deployment of renewable energy technologies in Sweden,  with a particular focus on how the costs for deployment can be reduced with appropriate policy support. She is also engaged in the IIIEE education, teaching in course modules on policy evaluation and sustainability among others. Sofie holds a master's degree in evironmental science from Lund unviersity, and has worked as an environmental inspector before she began her doctoral studies. 

Frans Libertson. Photo.

Frans Libertson

Frans Libertson serves as production assistant. He is a PhD student, researching sustainable energy systems in general and smart grids in particular. His research aims at exploring the integration of smart grids into the Swedish energy system, as well as other flexible solutions for avoiding energy peaks, and to find productive strategies for facilitating transitions into sustainable energy systems. Frans is a graduate of the Lund University Master’s Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (2016). He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics (2014). In addition, Frans has studied Sustainable Urban Planning at Malmö University (2019).