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Katherine Shabb

Katherine Shabb

Doctoral student

Katherine Shabb

How academic podcasting can change academia and its relationship with society: A conversation and guide


  • Michael Cox
  • Hannah Harrison
  • Stefan Partelow
  • Steven Curtis
  • Stephen Elser
  • Courtney Hammond Wagner
  • Robert Hobbins
  • Conor Barnes
  • Lisa Campbell
  • Laura Cappelatti
  • Emily Dee Sousa
  • Julie Fowler
  • Erin Larson
  • Frans Libertson
  • Rafaella Lobo
  • Philip Loring
  • Marissa Matsler
  • Andrew Merrie
  • Eric Moody
  • Rubi Quiñones
  • Jason Sauer
  • Katherine Shabb
  • Sturle Hauge Simonsen
  • Susan Washko
  • Ben Whittaker

Summary, in English

In this paper we explore the potential of academic podcasting to effect positive change within academia and between academia and society. Building on the concept of “epistemic living spaces,” we consider how podcasting can change how we evaluate what is legitimate knowledge and methods for knowledge production, who has access to what privileges and power, the nature of our connections within academia and with other partners, and how we experience the constraints and opportunities of space and time. We conclude by offering a guide for others who are looking to develop their own academic podcasting projects and discuss the potential for podcasting to be formalized as a mainstream academic output. To listen to an abridged and annotated version of this paper, visit:


  • The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

Publishing year





Frontiers in Communication



Document type

Journal article


Frontiers Media S. A.


  • Media Studies




  • ISSN: 2297-900X