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Welcome, Georgios Pardalis!

Georgios Pardalis
Photo: Håkan Rodhe

Meet our new colleague Georgios Pardalis who recently joined the IIIEE. Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece, with master’s degrees from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gävle and a PhD from Linnaeus University, he has now moved to Lund. Georgios has a background in Building Technology and Industrial Economics, and will be working as Associate Senior Lecturer, with focus on sustainable business for a transition to climate-neutral and resource-efficient economies.

You just joined the IIIEE crew. What experiences do you bring?

My academic journey has revolved around the development of innovative collaborative business models tailored for energy renovation services offered by micro-, small-, and medium-sized companies within the construction industry—a central focus of my PhD research, and the analysis of the decision-making patterns of detached house’s owners towards energy renovations. Furthermore, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of integrated renovation services' business models across Europe, contributing as an advisor to the establishment of one-stop shops for energy-efficient renovations in Sweden and abroad, as part of various EU-funded initiatives.

During my Postdoctoral tenure at Linnaeus University in Växjö, my research focus shifted towards energy-efficient renovations with a strong emphasis on climate adaptation strategies. That includes proposals for enhancements for both buildings and infrastructure to not only reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions but also fortify their resilience against the adverse impacts of climate change. This interdisciplinary approach seamlessly integrates my engineering and management background, providing a robust foundation for my work.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I possess valuable hands-on experience gained from actively engaging in the construction industry. My involvement in various projects, across the world, affiliated with Engineers Without Borders has further enriched my practical insights and skills.

What will you engage with here at the IIIEE?

My role at the IIIEE will encompass both teaching and research, reflecting my diverse expertise. In the classroom, I aim to infuse practical knowledge and insights into subjects encompassing engineering innovation, industry best practices, and systematic approaches to address complex sustainability challenges, contributing to fostering solutions towards a transition to climate-neutral and resource-efficient economies.

On the research front, my aspiration is to initiate new research that delves deeply into the intricate interplay between business operations and their environmental impacts, whether direct or indirect. My research agenda centers on the examination of effective corporate policies, dynamic management systems, and innovative business models. These components are envisioned not merely as means to mitigate environmental harm but as dynamic tools capable of actively propelling the transition toward sustainable and green economies.

In essence, my commitment lies in bridging the gap between theory and practice, both in the classroom and in the realm of research, as we collectively strive towards a more environmentally conscious and economically sustainable future."

What brought you to apply for the position?

Working in the field of sustainable business, which plays a pivotal role in advancing the transition toward climate-neutral and resource-efficient economies, is undeniably a source of great excitement for me. The institute's renowned reputation and its unwavering focus on practical solutions have further heightened my interest.

The prospect of contributing to the institute's established research portfolio while actively participating in ongoing research and education deeply resonates with my professional aspirations. The interdisciplinary nature of the institute and the opportunity to apply this interdisciplinary approach to study how businesses impact the environment, both directly and indirectly, align seamlessly with my academic interests.

My drive stems from the potential to craft innovative solutions that actively contribute to the imperative shift toward sustainable and environmentally conscious economies. In this regard, the IIIEE appears to provide the ideal platform for me to channel and express this drive effectively.