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Tips and Tools for Teleworking


Working from home?

We have you covered with several tips and tools for teleworking and virtual meetings. Building on decades worth of research and experience in teleworking for sustainability, we share with you some suggestions to make the sudden transition working from home easier. We discuss with Peter Arnfalk and Charlotte Leire their experience advising organisations and individuals on how to transition to working from a distance. For those that are fortunate to transition their work from the office to home, we hope this episode is meaningful to you.

We also acknowledge so many others that have lost their jobs or have a position where working from home is not possible, including our healthcare professionals. Our thoughts are with you and our entire podcast community as we overcome the global pandemic together. 

Show notes

In this month's episode, we discuss the following:

2:00 – Introduction to the topic
7:54 - Teleworking: short background
10:45 - Sustainability Scoop
14:48 - 33:55 - Interview with Charlotte Leire and Peter Arnfalk
34:45 – Tips and tools for teleworking!
46:16 - Closing and key take-aways

The Sustainability Scoop

In this month's sustainability scoop, we discuss the rapid global development in teleworking in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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