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Fossil Fuel Free Municipalities in Sweden : Analysing Modes of Governing

  • Tareq Emtairah
  • Kes Mccormick
  • Charlotte Leire
  • Alvar Palm
  • Nicholas Dehod
Publishing year: 2017
Language: English
Document type: Report
Publisher: Lund University

Abstract english

Based on national legislations, Swedish municipal authorities have the responsibility as well as the means to shape their own transport and energy systems and lead the transformation towards fossil fuel free cities. In this report we explore how sixteen Swedish municipalities work toward fossil fuel free visions and goals with a particular emphasis on the urban transport and energy systems. We derive our findings from a broad review of municipal policy, strategy and program documents as well as from structured interviews with civil servants working within theseissues. The report presents a summary of the visions and goals adopted by municipalities in Sweden as well as the translation of these visions and goals into key targets and strategies. It also provides a summary of general patterns derived from document analysis and interviews of how municipal authorities work with and use various governing modes to facilitate the transformation towards less dependence on fossil fuels, using transport and energy as a focus area.


  • Energy
  • Climate change
  • Municipalities
  • Fossil fuels


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