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Working, teaching and learning online

The Swedish government has now recommended that all universities should move to distance learning for all students. Here we aim to help all students, staff and teachers with training materials and useful links that can help them get going with the conversion to teleworking and teaching and learning online. From 18 March IIIEE employees are to work from home and students are to study from home. On this webpage we offer all of you useful instructions on what this means in practice, i.e. what can be done in terms of working, teaching and learning online and what are the general recommendations.

What is teleworking and how does it differ from working in the office?

Teleworking means working on distance or from home. Working from home and meeting over the internet requires extra elements as regards to the work routine and communication patterns that you otherwise have in your teams. Teleworking means a different work environment and it cannot be expected that everyone masters it, so let everyone in the team try and learn. Generally speaking, teleworking requires more formalized and clarified roles and time to learn and reflect on how the roles are working. But more than that, it also requires a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Encourage each other more than usual!

For running meetings and seminars online

The main platform and tool for online meetings at Lund University is Zoom. With Zoom you can run meetings, seminars and webinars with up to 300 participants, and you can do break-out groups and polling.

For teaching online

For the time being IIIEE will continue to use LUVIT. Both students and teachers are familiar with LUVIT. In the autumn LUVIT will be replaced by CANVAS.

  • How to use the LUVIT learning management system.
  • How to use the CANVAS learning management system.
  • How to use the LUPlayt tool to record lectures.
  • How to embed videos on LUVIT, see PDF icon the LU guide on publishing videos in LUVIT (in Swedish only). Please note that an easy way to record lectures is to do so in Zoom. If you then upload the video on Youtube you can easily embed it in LUVIT.
  • Free training to teachers on how to teach online in Zoom in live webinar. Here you'll hear from experienced teachers who have transitioned from in-person to online teaching.

For learning online

For update on technical issues

For status updates on the technical infrastructure including that of Zoom please turn to update page of LU Support (LDC) 


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Live webinars for teaching online in Zoom



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