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Student project on business strategies

Business consultancy - developing sustainability business strategies for interested companies.

Towards the end of the EMP master’s program, students are given the task to apply the knowledge and tools that they have gained in the theoretical courses on real-life projects, in a six week long course and in collaboration with companies. 

In this course the learning rationale is that the students go from theory to practice. In doing so the students also have to try on a new hat: that of the business consultant. Typically, a group of 2 to 4 students are assigned to work with an assigned reference company.

The company projects are the main part of the course. It is designed as an iterative project that allows for a fruitful exchange of cutting-edge knowledge between academia and businesses. 

The task and expected outcome of the project is shaped together with each reference company. The student groups then work on their own to collect relevant data (through interviews, observations, and document reviews at the reference company, from market actors or from available studies) which they analyze and build their recommendations on. Finally, they present their recommendations and results on-site at the company, many times in the shape of a workshop with company employees.

Some of the collaborative companies are contacted with the help of Miljöbron Skåne, an organization that initiates, matches and coaches sustainability related collaborations between students and businesses.

The course has over the years been greatly appreciated both by students and reference companies, read more here.

The name of the current course as stated in the EMP master’s program is: Environmental Management and Strategy in Practice (EMSP). It builds on a previous course called Corporate Environmental Management in Practice (CEMP).


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