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New podcast episode: Degrowth - challenging infinite growth in a finite world

Image of small plants on a green background and the text Degrowth challenging infinite growth in a finite world.

Degrowth is a critique of infinite economic growth, recognising continued consumption of scarce resources will inevitably result in exhausting them completely. In this episode, we present the challenges of living within an economic system governed by infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.

We discuss key vocabulary to understand degrowth, and its three goals:

1) Reduce environmental impact

2) Redistribute income and wealth equitably

3) Transition from a materialistic to an inclusive society

And, as this concept often evokes passionate debate, we acknowledge some of the critiques and implications surrounding the degrowth concept. Later in the episode, we are joined by Logan Strenchock, an alumnus of the IIIEE. Logan shares his journey exploring and experimenting with degrowth-inspired actions, including contributing to the organic farm Zsamboki Biokert and the sustainable urban transportation hub Cargonomia, located in Budapest, Hungary. Throughout the episode, we highlight additional resources for listeners to continue to explore the concept of degrowth!

Listen to the episode (link will open in a new window)