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Policy brief on energy communities in Sweden

A green hill with houses, windmills and solar panels. Illustration.

Jenny Palm and Ellen Boije af Gennäs Erre have published a policy brief, providing a summary on the current legislation concerning energy communities in Sweden.

Based on the Renewable energy directive (2018/2001) the Energy Market Inspectorate proposed a bill that stated that energy communities should be economic associations with a protected name that indicates that they are energy communities. The government concluded in the bill 2021/22:153 ‘Implementation of the Electricity Market Directive’ that, at this stage, Sweden does not require new legislation to regulate energy communities because there are currently no obstacles for energy communities to participate on the energy market. In this policy brief, we question whether the EU directive’s requirement to analyze possible barriers for energy communities has been met. The government’s proposal has not yet been ratified by the Swedish parliament.

Policy Brief: Regeringen menar att det inte finns behov av lag om energigemenskaper (Pdf)