IIIEE research – 20 years of advancing sustainable solutions

The IIIEE is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence conducting applied and collaborative research focused on solutions for sustainability. We advance knowledge on governance and management for the transition to low-carbon and resource efficient economies and we provide support for decision makers in public authorities and businesses at different levels of our society – consumption, business, urban and national and international. 

There is a genuine interdisciplinary approach to all IIIEE research. It synthesizes insights not only from economic theory and practice but also from natural sciences, engineering, political science, organisational, legal and behavioural studies.  Our research is conducted in close collaboration with businesses, public authorities and other societal partners.

The IIIEE is highly international. Over the last ten years we have collaborated with more than 125 international research groups and international societal partners. 



Associate professor Luis Mundaca

Green economy depends on high national ambitions


Ph.D. Candidate Alvar Palm

Local inspitation behind increases in solar power


Senior Research Fellow Mikael Backman

From waste to green gold - Lund's role in the transition of one of Europe's most polluted cities


Associate Professor Thomas Lindhqvist

Lamp collecting systems in need of improvement


Assistant Professor Carl Dalhammar

The potential of ecodesign: Increasing efficiency by requirement


Assistant Professor Andrius Plepys

What stops LEDs fom hitting the market?


Professor Oksana Mont

Nudging: A tool for sustainable behaviour


Visiting Researcher James Evans:

In search of success factors for Urban Living Labs


Associate Professor Kes McCormick:

Getting the most out of Urban Living Labs

Sustainable renovating takes social skills


Professor Lena Neij

IIIEE leads cooperative learning for sustainable cities


Ph.D. Candidate Nora Smedby

Developer dialogue - a tool for greener buildings


Research Associate Bernadett Kiss

Comparison of cost models supports retrofitting