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X-Ray Production by 1.5-11 MeV Protons

  • Roland Akselsson
  • Thomas B Johansson
Publishing year: 1974
Language: English
Pages: 245-255
Publication/Series: Zeitschrift für Physik1920-01-01+01:001975-01-01+01:00
Volume: 266
Issue: 4
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Springer

Abstract english

K-shell ionization and L x-ray production cross-sections by proton impact have been determined from measurements of K x-ray yields from thin targets of Ti, Fe, Co, Cu, Ni and Ag and of L x-ray yields from Au and Pb. The proton energies varied from 1.5 to 11 MeV. A Si(Li) semiconductor detector recorded the x-rays. The total error in the measured cross-sections is mostly less than 5 %. Kβ/Kα, ratios and Lι,β,ƴ/Lα, ratios have been determined. Ionization cross-sections have been compared with predictions of the plane-wave Born approximation (PWBA) and the binary-encounter approximation (BEA). Both theories describe the ionization quite well: PWBA is, however, better for higher proton energies whereas BEA is superior for lower energies. An empirical formula for ionization cross-sections is derived.


  • Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics
  • Subatomic Physics
  • proton-induced X-rays
  • cross-sections


  • ISSN: 0044-3328
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