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Steven Curtis

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Steven is a PhD student at the IIIEE. He is researching urban sharing organisations (USOs) as a mechanism to realise sustainability transitions in cities. His research will focus on the DESIGN of sharing organisations, their potential to impact sustainability PRACTICES, and the PROCESSES of institutionalisation for sharing in cities. The research is part of the larger project at the IIIEE: Urban Sharing - From Excess to Access

Interest in this field stemmed from his Master's thesis in urban innovation surrounding Urban Living Labs. With the challenges of climate change, urbanisation, and population growth, he believes that cities are the arena in which significant progress can be made in advancing sustainable solutions, in particular, through inclusive urban innovation. Steven is a graduate of the Environmental Management and Policy Master's Programme at the IIIEE (Batch 20). He obtained his Bachelor of Science from Penn State in Environmental Meteorology, with emphasis on the impact humans have on climate, air, and water quality. 

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