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"Is anyone listening?" Reflections on Evaluating Research Impact


There is growing interest by funding agencies, governments, and society in general to evaluate the impact of research conducted within academia. However, evaluating research impact is tricky and finding as well as leveraging impact pathways can be daunting without first considering the desired impact early in the research planning process. This is especially relevant when considering sustainability research. We sit down with Master’s student Edward Dickinson to discuss his ongoing thesis research regarding research impact and knowledge dissemination. We provide listeners an overview of how research is funded, conducted and evaluated as well as call on all of us to think more deliberately about the impact of academic research. With this episode, we also celebrate 3000 downloads as well as the end of our first season by reflecting the significance of the podcast to our Institute and listeners like you.

Podcast Episode # 9: "Is anyone listening?" Reflections on Evaluating Research Impact


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