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Organisational frameworks for straw-based energy systems in Ukraine and Western Europe

  • Yuliya Voytenko
  • Philip Peck
Publishing year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 98-107
Publication/Series: World Bioenergy 2010 Proceedings
Document type: Conference paper
Publisher: Swedish Bioenergy Association

Abstract english

Ukraine (UA) has large biomass potentials, and faces broad needs for energy security enhancement, agricultural sector revitalisation and environmental improvement. Cross case study analysis is applied to nine straw-fired installations in UA within a conceptual framework developed by the authors. The analysis yields three distinct straw-based frameworks for organisation and action including ‘small scale local heat production’, ‘small scale local straw production for fuel sale to municipality’, and ‘medium scale conversion and district heating’. Ukrainian case is then compared to countries with more advanced bioenergy sectors, i.e. Sweden (SE) and Denmark (DK). Individual business entrepreneurship qualities and knowledge are found crucial on small and medium scale. Straw use on large scale requires substantial and consistent support from the National government. Barriers to the expansion of bioenergy in UA include low access to technology and funding, lack of knowledge on bioenergy funding schemes, and bioenergy in general. The outcomes of the paper are transferable to various contexts on the condition that local specificities are taken into account.


  • Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
  • bioenergy management
  • developing countries
  • logistics
  • non-technical barriers to bioenergy
  • straw


World Bioenergy 2010: Conference & Exhibition on Biomass for Energy
  • ISBN: 978-91-977624-1-0
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