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Carl Dalhammar

Carl Dalhammar received his PhD in 2007. His research interests include environmental governance, law and innovation, technology transfer, environmental compliance, trade and the environment, and product-oriented environmental policy. His recent research projects include an evaluation of technology transfer options for climate change mitigation and the potential to use public procurement as a tool to stimulate system innovation in Sweden. He is also analyzing how the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive can be extended in scope, in order to drive ecodesign for improved resource efficiency.

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Promoting ecodesign for advancement of innovation, competiveness, and environmental improvements: assessing the potential of the Ecodesign Directive in a dynamic setting

The European Union's Ecodesign Directive is a unique piece of legislation, including: 1) it is built on the concept of life cycle thinking; 2) it is one of very few successful policies for enegry efficiency and CO2 reductions; 3) it is one of the few possible policy options at the EU level for achieving resource efficiency objectives



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