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19 DECEMBER 2016 – 28 JANUARY 2018
Lund University is celebrating its 350th anniversary! The jubilee is taking place from 19 December 2016 until 28 January 2018, the dates marking the University’s foundation and its subsequent inauguration.

During the jubilee, five science weeks will take place and the IIIEE will have activities connected to four of these.

The five scientific theme weeks are: 

WEEK ONE: 6-12 March: Is the World Becoming a Better Place?

WEEK TWO: 22-29 April: The Digital Society

WEEK THREE: 15-20 May: Sustainability Week

WEEK FOUR: 4-10 September: The Amazing Brain

WEEK FIVE: 16-22 October: The University of the Future

Read more about the science weeks on Lund University's webpage



Is the World becoming a Better Place?

12 March

“Geology in your pocket – the secret life of a smartphone”

Popular science lecture by Jessika Luth Richter (Doctoral student at the IIIEE). The talk will focus on the different materials in our phones and relate them to geology, for example how they are formed and how they are mined. Jessika will also talk about how we can mine more sustainable and how we can avoid primary mining by “urban mining” the materials from our phones and other products to make new products.

IIIEE contact: Jessika Luth Richter

The Digital Society

28 April

“How sustainable is the Digital Society?”

Workshop at the IIIEE, afternoon collaborative event: IIIEE, LUCSUS and SYSAV. The aim is to raise awareness of the environmental and social impact associated with electronics, and what we can do to reduce it. Students from Spyken will participate during the day.

IIIEE contact: Peter Arnfalk

Sustainability Week

Monday 15 May

"Sustainable Fashion - Finding Cuts for the Future"

Afternoon seminar at the IIIEE on sustainable fashion. 

IIIEE contact: Naoko Tojo

Tuesday 16 May

"Fossilfritt Skåne - möjligheter i en modernare morgondag"

The IIIEE is co-arranging this event as part of the day "Det Hållbara Näringslivet", during the Sustainability Week.

Follow the link to register: 

IIIEE contact: Lena Neij

Wednesday 17 May

"Den delande staden - modern teknologi skapar gemenskap och hållbara lösningar"

The IIIEE is arranging a lunch seminar at Skissernas Museum, as part of the day "Människan i staden - hållbar stadsutveckling", during the Sustainability Week.

IIIEE contact: Matthias Lehner

Wednesday 17 May

"KIC Raw Materials University Day Event"

IIIEE will work with Lund University’s Materials department on the outline of activities on this day in Vattenhallen. Ideally both the students and activities will find the events an extension of the 28th of April event with IIIEE and Sysav (How sustainable is the Digital Society?).

IIIEE responsible: Philip Peck and Jessika Luth Richter

Thursday 18 May

The Urban Planet: Research and Action on Sustainable Urban Development from around the World

This event will bring together researchers at Lund University to present and discuss ongoing projects on urban living labs, urban sharing, urban lighting and more, and presentations by alumni from around the world working with sustainable urban development. It will create a space for critical discussions and reflections on cities, innovation and sustainability. An event intended for researchers, alumni, students and practitioners. The event is supported by Lund University Urban Arena.

IIIEE responsible: Kes McCormick

Thursday 18 May - Friday 19 May

"The 2017 IIIEE Alumni Network Conference"  

The 2017 IIIEE Alumni Network Conference is held 18-19 May and is jointly organised by the IIIEE and the IIIEE Alumni Network. The conference is a part of the LU350 celebrations and the first day will have sessions open to the public. The 2017 IIIEE Alumni Network Conference aims to gather some 200 alumni. 

IIIEE responsible: Håkan Rodhe

The University of the Future Week

Saturday 19 October, at 10:00 - 14:00 

The Digitalisation of education – The end of universities?

Come and join this seminar and online discussion with speakers from around the world who are Lund University alumni and participants in distance education, including Massive Open Online Courses. Listen to interesting thoughts about how the universities will cope in the future and what will happen to traditional education, and more. This event is open to everyone.

IIIEE Responsible: Peter Arnfalk


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