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Strategic Environmental Development (SED)

Strategic Environmental Development (SED) is a compulsory course in the third block of the EMP programme and in Semester 3 of the MESPOM programme.

The SED course forms a real-life application of the knowledge and skills acquired at this stage of the programme and is centred around a task formulated by a client somewhere in Europe. On completion of the course the student shall be able to:

  • Apply sustainability concepts, tools and strategies in a real-world context;
  • Systematically approach, analyse and intervene in a real-life complex system;
  • Perform a task for professional client
  • Show fundamental skills in professional conduct in performing a task for a client.
  • Describe the steps involved in putting together a report for a non-academic audience.

The course is based on a real case and involves a site visit to gather and analyse information. A case could eg be to assess the development of a waste management/energy system in a city or region, or identify/assess business opportunities that incorporate environmental objectives. This requires a thorough understanding for how the complex system works in order to find ways in how to improve.  

SED reports 2009 - 2018:             

SED report 2009 (MESPOM)

SED report 2010 (EMP)
SED report 2010 (MESPOM)

SED report 2011 (EMP)
SED report 2011 (MESPOM)

SED report 2012 (EMP)
SED report 2012 (MESPOM)

SED report 2013 (MESPOM)

SED report 2014 (EMP)
SED report 2014 (MESPOM)

SED report 2015 (EMP)
SED report 2015 (MESPOM)

SED report 2016 (EMP)
SED report 2016 (MESPOM)

SED report 2017 (EMP)
SED report 2017 (MESPOM)

SED report 2018 (EMP)
SED report 2018 (MESPOM)

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