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Circular Business Models for Sustainability - Part 1


The circular economy is highlighted as key if to address sustainability challenges, while still maintaining access to goods and services that we have come to rely on. Closing, narrowing and slowing loops are key strategies towards pursuing a more sustainable way of producing, accessing, using, and re-using goods. In order to allow a deeper exploration of the circular economy we will discuss it from three different perspectives in this mini-series: business, urban, and policy.

In this episode, which is the first part of our mini-series on the circular economy, we take off from current sustainability discussions in media about the fashion industry, and look into current research on how to move towards circular business models for a sustainable economy, both in the fashion industry and beyond. We will hear from our colleague Katherine Whalen who guides us through circular business models and shares some of her key learnings from four years of deep diving in the subject. You will also hear more about circular entrepreneurship, and how master student Lucyl Staub and her team in CBoot -an EU educational programme - are promoting a clothing library.

Show Notes:

In this month's episode, we discuss the following: 

1:16 - Introducing this Month's Podcast Topic 

3:15 - What do we mean with the circular economy?

6:00 - The Sustainability Scoop

12:18 - Interview with Katie Whalen

20:05 - CBoot for circular entrepreneurs

23:38 – Interview with Lucyl Staub

31:00 - Closing and Key Takeaways


In the Loop podcast:

In the Loop game:

The Cboot educational programme:

Rent Cozy Coats:


Sustainability scoop about fashion industry:


Podcast Episode # 11: Circular Business Models for Sustainability: Part 1

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