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Leonidas Milios

Leonidas Milios is a researcher and PhD candidate, researching policies and potential policy packages that would enable and promote resource efficiency and circular thinking in business operations and the economy as a whole. Being part of the Mistra REES programme, the research will primarily focus on the policy framework governing the manufacturing sector in Sweden.

Prior to joining the IIIEE, Leonidas gained considerable work experience and insight into circular economy working as a consultant both at EU level and at national level, focusing on the Nordic Region and South East Europe. 


Leonidas holds a MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and a MSc in Agricultural Science from the Agricultural University of Athens, with focus on Environmental Biotechnology.

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Ongoing projects

Mistra REES – Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions based on circular economy

The MISTRA REES project is a 4-year programme run by a consortium of leading Swedish universities, large and small companies and societal actors. The vision of the programme is to advance the transition of the Swedish manufacturing industry towards a circular and sustainable economy.


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