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Lena Neij

Lena Neij's research focuses on the dynamics of energy systems and the analysis of governance and policies for sustainable development. The core issue has been development and assessment of methods for analyzing the dynamics of energy systems in view of technical change, i.e. development, introduction, and diffusion of new technology, and policy measures for effecting and accelerating technical change. The research, which has been system based and interdisciplinary, has covered energy for sustainable development in general, with a focus on renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency in buildings.

Research Areas: 
Strategies for sustainable cities and buildings

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Ongoing projects

Decarbonisation Laboratory

The aim of the Decarbonisation Laboratory is to build capacity for understanding the dynamics of decarbonisation.

Advancing Urban Innovation: Living Labs for Sustainable Building and Planning

The immense urban and societal challenges facing humanity, including climate change, environmental pressures, demographic shifts, and infrastructural problems, demand concerted collaborative efforts across sectors as well as interactions and combinations of disciplines.

Malmö Innovation Platform

The Malmö Innovation Platform brings together creative forces in business, academia and the community to build a joint innovation capacity in the renovation of existing apartment buildings in the south-east of Malmö.

Policy intervention for a competitive green energy economy

The objective of this project is to assess the role and reach of policy instruments (e.g. market-based instruments) targeting clean energy technology change, taking a competitive green energy-based economy as the main framework for such evaluation.

Closed projects

Urban Transition Öresund

This project is a cross-border cooperation between Swedish and Danish partners (academic institutions and local governments) in the Öresund Region.

Solar energy in urban planning

The objective of this programme is to advance knowledge related to solar energy in urban planning. For a successful implementation of solar technologies in urban areas there is a need for research.



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