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Greening the Economy Compendium

  • Kes McCormick
  • Jessika Luth Richter
  • Mia Pantzar
Publishing year: 2015
Language: English
Document type: Book
Publisher: Lund University

Abstract english

The concept of a ”green economy” is rapidly gaining interest around the world. However, the idea is not new. It appeared in 1989 in the book “Blueprint for a Green Economy”. During the 1990s and most of the 2000s, the green economy was not a widely used term. But it gained a new lease of life after the financial crisis of 2008 when governments and industries around the world needed to respond to economic recessions while also furthering environmental and climate protection goals. In 2012, an updated book called “A New Blueprint for a Green Economy” was published. There are many initiatives that have been launched around the world to green economies.

This compendium explores greening the economy on four levels – individual, business, city, and nation. We will look at the relationships between these levels and give many practical examples of the complexities and solutions across the levels. Scandinavia, a pioneering place advancing sustainability and combating climate change, is a unique starting point for learning about greening economies. We will learn from many initiatives implemented in Scandinavia since the 1970s that are all potentially useful for other countries and contexts. Throughout this compendium, you will find many examples with links to relevant websites, documents and films.


  • Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
  • green economy
  • sustainable development
  • climate change


  • ISBN: 978-91-87357-12-1
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