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Business model innovation for a Circular Economy : Drivers and barriers for the Swedish industry – the voice of REES companies

  • Oksana Mont
  • Andrius Plepys
  • Katherine Whalen
  • Julia L.K. Nußholz
Publishing year: 2017
Language: English
Document type: Report
Publisher: Mistra REES

Abstract english

The idea of Circular Economy is gaining a momentum among companies, households and policy makers. In order to support a smooth transition to this idea, new ways of producing and using products and services are needed, which in turn require innovative business models.

Such business models may help companies capitalise on closed resource loops and maintain or improve their competitive position in the world haunted by growing resource scarcity, deteriorating environmental sinks and increasing competition for natural resources.

However, devising business models that operationalise and create a business case for different resource efficiency strategies that close resource loops is not straightforward. Companies in different manufacturing sectors have different drivers, but experience diverse barriers to innovating business models.
This report aims to help supporting the idea of business model innovation for a circular economy among companies in Swedish manufacturing industries and beyond by offering an introduction into the basic concepts and principles of what is called circular business models.

In addition, the report highlights the main drivers and barriers that companies experience when employing circular business models and provides some illustrative ideas and examples for how barriers can be overcome or reduced, while drivers can be enhanced.


  • Environmental Management


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