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EMP Batch 22

You can download the schedule to your iCal or Google calendar by using the following link

The calendar will download the schedule for 4 weeks ahead.


Abbreviation list - Course names

AbbreviationCourse Name
EMPTASEnvironmental Management in Practice
EAMEnvironmental Assessment Methods
EMOEnvironmental Management in Organisations
CEMPCorporate Environmental Management in Practice
PAS IPolicies and Approaches for Sustainability I
PAS IIPolicies and Approaches for Sustainability II
ARSCPApplied Research in Sustainable Consumption and Production
SEDStrategic Environmental Development
ARMApplied Research Methods


 Abbreviation list - Teachers

APAndrius Plepys
ÅTÅke Thidell
BKBeatrice Kogg
BOBirgitta Olofsson
CDCarl Dalhammar
DHDonald Huisingh
HRHåkan Rodhe
LHLars Hansson
LMLuis Mundaca
LSLars Strupeit
MBMikael Backman
MKMårten Karlsson
NTNaoko Tojo
OMOksana Mont
PAPeter Arnfalk
PPPhilip Peck
TBTorbjörn Brorson
TLThomas Lindhqvist
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