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MSc Environmental Management and Policy - overview
The EMP programme is a two year, on-site Master's in Lund.

It is divided into four semesters.

The white courses represent basic education on sustainability fundamentals.
The blue courses represent the sphere of corporate, environmental management, CSR, and marketing.
The yellow courses represent the sphere of law and policy topics.
The green courses are elective,meaning the students can choose between variants within the same topics, e.g. team consulting/individual internship.
And finally, the orange- coloured courses are what we refer to as capstone courses: a project course centred around strategic environmental development and the master thesis project in the fourth semester.

Another way of looking at the EMP programme is to structure the courses in five blocks. Here, the colours represent the different semesters:

For more detailed course descriptions, please refer to the 'Syllabus' section.




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