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Diversity in Education

Crossing cultural, disciplinary and professional divides

Diversity in Education: crossing cultural, disciplinary and professional divides, is a book that explores the challenges of interdisciplinary international programmes at Lund University.

In this book, teachers, administrators and students tell how they have faced and overcome these challenges. By sharing the concrete experiences of designers and implementers of interdisciplinary programmes for international students, the authors hope to improve learning for all.

The book has been edited by Naoko Tojo at the IIIEE and Bernadett Kiss previously working at the IIIEE. Download the pdf

Below is a list of all chapters accompanied by a brief film for each chapter:

Chapter 1-2: The context of the book: A Swedish perspective

Naoko Tojo and Bernadett Kiss



Chapter 3: Peer writing tutors help international, interdisciplinary students to stake their claim

Kimberly A. Nicholas, Abi Brady and Ladaea Rylander


Chapter 4: Harnessing student diversity: The case of the Lund university MSc programme in human factors and system safety.
Johan Bergström and Sidney W. A. Dekker


Chapter 5: Global learning in local contexts: Designing, maintaining, and learning from authentic tasks

Thomas Lindhqvist, Jessika Luth Richter and Håkan Rodhe



Chapter 6: Crossing cultural borders - how do we prepare and support our international students?

Karin Frydenlund


Chapter 7: Ensuring an equitable learning environment for students enrolled in international educational programmes.

Martin Stafström and Anette Agardh


Chapter 8: Building a "home" - the role of administration in Master's programmes.

Shoshana Iten and Lena Örnberg



Chapter 9: Working with international students: Challenges and efforts.

Erwin Apitzsch


Chapter 10: It takes an academic village. Establishing an interdisciplinary research school and educating the first generations of PhDs.

Barry Ness and Anne Jerneck.







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