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Founder and Managering Director at YHM Eco Solutions AB - a career of an IIIEE alumnus

Yi Yang is running his own consulting firm.
Home country: China
Current work position: Founder and Managering Director at YHM Eco Solution AB.
Graduation year from the IIIEE: 2013

Describe your job and the most exciting aspects of it

I am an Environmental Consultant. We help companies to reach requirements given by environmental legislations in Mainland China, Hong Kong or Sweden. We help companies to obtain or maintain certification with ISO, GB, etc. We also help companies to improve their environmental performance in a strategic way. It is very challenging and exciting. We work closely with our clients and provide customized solutions. There is no answer for everyone. All clients have various problems that requires unique solutions. Furthermore, in many cases we also need to identify protential problems for them. Consequently, we are dealing with new issues everyday. Accepting new challenges and solving problems are very interesting and exciting parts of my work.

Did studying at the IIIEE contribute to you getting this job? If so – how?

Absolutely. I first worked as an environmental consultant for WSP Natlikan. The knowledge and frameworks, and most importantly, the way of thinking the IIIEE introduced me to, definitely contributed to me getting that job. Now I am running my own consulting firm and WSP is still my main client. 

What do you wish for current and future IIIEE students?

Positioning yourself is the most important thing to do before graduation. The sooner you do that during the programme the better. You need to figure out if you want to be a scholar, a business runner or someone working for the public sector etc. This insight will guide you to which part of the programme you should focus and dedicate most of your time and energy. Think big and act boldly, and do not be shy. Share your ideas with a collegue or a teacher, and you will get something back, something valuable.

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