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Director Recruitment 2021

We are now looking for a new Director for the IIIEE


Fredrik Andersson, Chairman of the Board

+46 46 222 8676 

fredrik [dot] andersson [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se

Lena Neij, Acting Director

+46 46 222 0222 lena [dot] neij [at] iiiee [dot] lu [dot] se

Lars Lohmander, HR Officer

+46 46 222 7473 lars [dot] lohmander [at] hr [dot] lu [dot] se

Join the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), with the aim to find pathways towards accelerating the transitions to climate-neutral and resource-efficient economies. We are looking for a highly qualified candidate to lead, develop and coordinate an interdisciplinary research and education institution with great ambitions.

Lund University and the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)

The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) is an international centre within Lund University founded in 1994 to address complex environmental challenges. The Institute has a board with a chair from the University and external members, and receives support from a foundation solely dedicated to supporting the Institute. To engage with this complexity, the IIIEE has developed genuinely interdisciplinary education and research and the capacity to synthesize insights from management, economic theory and practice, natural sciences, engineering, political science, organizational, legal and behavioural studies. The IIIEE academic staff brings together diverse expertise in and across these disciplines. In contrast to the prevailing focus on environmental problems, the IIIEE emphasizes pathways towards sustainable solutions. The focus is on advancing and disseminating knowledge on how to catalyze the transitions to climate-neutral and resource-efficient economies across different levels of governance and management.


Director of the IIIEE in combination with a permanent position at the Institute.

The position is permanent with a three-year assignment as director and head of department; the assignment as director and head of department can be extended for additional three-year periods subject to mutual consent. The permanent position will be an administrative one at the point of appointment, but appointment will be combined with an agreed pathway to an academic position as senior lecturer or professor. The appropriate pathway should be agreed with the chairperson of the board.

Description of the Position

We invite applicants with a wish to advance our vibrant international and interdisciplinary organization. The Institute is driven by scientific excellence together and in collaboration with business and societal partners and engagement in policy-making. The Director has the overall responsibility for the IIIEE and reports to the Institute’s board, and needs to be ready for a full commitment leading the Institute for the coming three-year period. The responsibilities of the Director include:

  1. providing strategic and operational leadership to the IIIEE
  2. managing and developing financial and human resources at the Institute
  3. securing new funding opportunities for research and education
  4. leading the IIIEE management team and assisting with shaping the ongoing strategic development of the organization
  5. actively representing interests of the IIIEE and engaging in activities at Lund University
  6. representing the IIIEE externally at relevant events and managing relations with strategic partners and funding organisations in Sweden and in international contexts
  7. promoting and developing cross-sector collaboration activities with world class research institutions, industry, business and society, and
  8. contributing to increasing the impact and outreach of the Institute’s activities nationally and internationally


The successful candidate shall have a doctoral degree and scientific competence within the Institute's fields of research activity. The successful candidate has established academic credentials with qualification as senior lecturer or professor. The successful candidate shall, in addition, have international experience and other qualifications needed to fulfill the tasks associated with the employment. The successful candidate has a proven strong proficiency in English, and preferably working knowledge of Swedish.

We are looking for a visionary, dynamic and inspired leader. It is a prerequisite that the candidate has a good understanding of the diverse activities of the Institute and ability to act in its interests, while maintaining a high level of personal integrity.

The successful candidate should also have the following qualifications in the order of priority:

  1. proven leadership and management skills in research contexts
  2. proven interpersonal and communication skills – ability to engage, motivate and support staff and students, also when working on distance and online
  3. a good ability to manage and develop human resources, including the work environment, gender equality and diversity
  4. a proven ability to operate in both Nordic and international contexts
  5. a proven fund-raising capability
  6. an excellent academic standing
  7. a strong commitment to the management and execution of teaching

Assessment criteria

In assessment, particular emphasis will be given to leadership and management skills.


Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed and invited to give presentations (most likely online) to Institute faculty, staff and students; this is planned to take place in June 2021.