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Bernadett Kiss

Bernadett's main fields of scientific interest include systemwide policy assessment, energy efficient buildings, technology change, market development, the role of actors, learning processes, innovation systems and sustainable urban transformation processes. Currently, she is working with urban innovation and nature-based solutions in cities - combining research and education in her activities. Bernadett has an interdisciplinary background in Industrial Environmental Economics (PhD, 2013), Environmental Management and Policy (MSc, 2005), Business Administration and Commercial Economics (BSc, 2002) and Scandinavian Studies (MA, 2001).

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Ongoing projects


NATURVATION - NATure-based Urban innoVATION

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) have the potential to respond to climate change, enhance biodiversity and improve environmental quality while contributing to economic regeneration and social well-being. Yet there is a substantial gap between the promise of NBS and their uptake. To unlock the potential of NBS for sustainable urban development, NATURVATION will take a transdisciplinary, internationally comparative approach to: Advance assessment approaches to capture the multiple impacts & values of NBS to deliver a robust evidence base for decision-making; Enable innovation to identify the most promising governance, business/finance and participation models and how to overcome the systemic conditions that currently limit their use to support systemic integration; Generate momentum to realise the potential of NBS through co-design, co-development & co-implementation of new partnerships, knowledge, recommendations, processes and tools required to build capacity, enable replication and foster cultural change.

Closed projects


Diversity in education: Forwarding interdisciplinary education for international students with diverse academic/professional background

This project seek to contribute to the enhancement of the pedagogical capacity of Lund University in the area of interdisciplinary education for international students with diverse academic/professional background.

Malmö Innovation Platform

The Malmö Innovation Platform brings together creative forces in business, academia and the community to build a joint innovation capacity in the renovation of existing apartment buildings in the south-east of Malmö.

Urban Transition Öresund

This project is a cross-border cooperation between Swedish and Danish partners (academic institutions and local governments) in the Öresund Region.

Inspire - Integrated strategies and policy instruments for retrofitting buildings to reduce primary energy use and GHG emissions

The increasing number of retrofitted buildings reaching requirements of advanced building standards is an indicator for the availability and feasibility of energy-efficient technologies. This project is about the economic effectiveness and viability of such retrofits and reveals the impact of factors such as scope, horizon, interest rate as well as energy price expectations and preferences in the policy arena of Denmark, Finland, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

Policy instruments for energy efficiency in buildings

This project is about the innovation systems and market development of various energy efficient technologies and the role of policy instruments in different European countries. Technologies include energy efficient windows, insulation and heat pumps. 


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