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What is the potential of circular economy in smart grid developments? New article!

Windmill and clouds

The focus for smart grids has been on the energy and climate implications—in research and practice. Another crucial dimension is whether smart grids can be developed in line with circular economy principles.

A new research article from Katharina Reindl, Carl Dalhammar and Emma Brodén studies the relationship between grid and circular economy in more detail and published Circular Economy Integration in Smart Grids: A Nexus for Sustainability.

Smart grid developments with integrated circular economy principles are a promising way to achieve an environmentally and economically sustainable as well as efficient and resilient energy system.

Integrating the smart grid and circular economy means, in a nutshell, addressing not only increased energy demand but also using resources better and more efficiently. This ensures a more resilient and sustainable energy system overall. This is crucial, as many actors foresee that the future grids and the components they interact with, like electric vehicles and batteries, will require a lot of natural resources.

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