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About the IIIEE

Advancing Sustainable Solutions
Founded in 1994, the IIIEE initially engaged with complex environmental and industrial challenges in the field of industrial environmental economics. Today, the vision of the IIIEE is to advance strategies for sustainable solutions through cutting edge interdisciplinary research, high quality innovative education, and effective communication and strong partnerships.

The IIIEE advances knowledge on how to catalyse the transition to low-carbon and resource efficient economies. The mission of the IIIEE is to promote sustainable solutions pursued by public authorities and businesses – internationally, nationally and locally. We do this through assessing governance and management processes, evaluating policy instruments and business models, and exploring visions and scenarios for sustainable futures.

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The IIIEE educates students from around the world. We do this through interdisciplinary MSc and PhD programmes, undergraduate and online courses, and executive training. Our educational activities target future decision makers in management and policy for sustainable development.

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The IIIEE conducts interdisciplinary research that advances knowledge in the design, application and evaluation of strategies for sustainable solutions. We focus on international and national policy intervention, urban governance and experimentation, business management and practice, and consumption governance.

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The IIIEE engages in continuous dialogue and collaboration on advancing strategies for sustainable solutions with government, industry and societal partners. We primarily collaborate through research projects, events, educational activities, and massive open online courses.

The IIIEE has approximately 35 staff with 20 researchers and 10 doctoral candidates, and in total, more than 15 nationalities are represented by the staff. Each year, we have over 50 international Masters students at the IIIEE. The alumni network has some 1000 professionals in 100 countries worldwide. Our massive open online courses on Greening the Economy have attracted over 25,000 participants in more than 160 countries.

Each year the IIIEE is engaged in approximately 30 interdisciplinary research projects funded by Swedish, European and international funding agencies. We collaborate with more than 100 international research partners and more than 50 businesses, public authorities and societal partners. IIIEE researchers are invited as scientific experts by a number of international organisations, such as the IPCC, IEA, the EU commission and UN organisations.

Download our Strategic Plan in Communication 2014-2018

Additional IIIEE material

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