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EMP Programme Curriculum

The EMP programme curriculum is based on multiple disciplines such as economics, technology, law and policy, politics, management, and environmental sciences. The fundamentals of environmental sciences, makes up less than 5% of all the courses. The main focus of the programme is on management systems, policies, strategies of business and public authorities and social practices. The curriculum is globally relevant with special attention to Swedish, Scandinavian and European contexts and practices.

Interaction with practitioners and real-life situations is a trademark of the programme. The practical courses involve assessing real-life industrial and policy systems and engaging with businesses and public authorities to develop sustainable solutions to industrial environmental problems ranging from waste management to energy efficiency.


All course syllabi will be published here in May 2018.


Teaching a group of students
Photo: Professor Tomas Kåberger, Energy and Environment, Chalmers University of Technology, is giving a seminar in the IIIEE Aula.
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