Visit by students from the University of Virginia

Today on 13 May, a group of 14 undergraduates and 2 teachers from the University of Virginia is visiting the IIIEE. They have different backgrounds but are predominately engineers with no previous knowledge of sustainability. The main purpose of their visit is to take a course in sustainability 'Cases and Strategies for Sustainability in Sweden – C3S'. The course offers a practical component that envisions close work with clients. The course also provides the students with an intercultural experience of Sweden. The students will be staying in Lund until 31 May and will be working on their projects in the Lund area.

The students will be working with the following clients:
1.    Lund municipality, Technical Department (Anders Söderberg) – a project on Sustainable Mobility in Lund
2.    Lund municipality (Eva Dalman) and Lund University Social Innovation Center (LUSIC) (Jens Hansson) – a project on Sustainable Urban Development in the Brunnshög area, Lund.     
3.    Flyinge Utveckling (Gunnar Petersson) and Lundaland Ideel Förening (Anna Rager) – a project on Sustainable Rural Development in Green Valley Flyinge Living Lab.
4.    A company Godsinlösen (Anders Ydstedt) – a project on Circular Economy.