The IIIEE and Lund University is now a member of Climate-KIC

06/18/2015 - 12:06

The EU's main climate innovation initiative.

Meet IIIEE researcher Andrius Plepys

06/18/2015 - 11:08

What stops LEDs from hitting the market?

Meet IIIEE researcher Oksana Mont

06/16/2015 - 10:50

Nudging - a tool for sustainable behaviour

The IIIEE MOOC in Lund University Magazine

06/16/2015 - 10:23

"Greening the Economy - Lessons from Scandinavia"

WWF post-doctoral fellow Fouad Khan, based at the IIIEE

06/04/2015 - 11:17

Working on sustainability transitions in cities related to the Earth Hour City Challenge.

Open Lecture by Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, 2 June 2015.

06/02/2015 - 09:40

Talking about the German Energiewende.

A Day of Urban Inspiration - Appraisals of the IIIEE Event on 27 May

06/02/2015 - 14:04

Urban Futures: Goals, Impacts and Afterlife of Innovative Sustainable Initiatives in Cities

Meet IIIEE researcher Kes McCormick

05/29/2015 - 10:39

In an interview on: Sustainable renovation takes social skills

Meet researcher Bernadett Kiss

05/29/2015 - 09:35

In an interview about: Comparison of cost models supports retrofitting.