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EMP Programme Structure

The EMP programme encompasses two academic years of study corresponding to 120 ECTS points, and is made up of four parts, each corresponding to 30 ECTS:

First block:

Encompasses 9-months web-based or 5 months campus-based

Environmental Science and Sustainable Development
Business Fundamentals;
Principles of Technical Systems
Economics, Consumption and Society; and
Practical Analysis and Communication for Sustainability

Second block:

Courses, field-visits and group assignments (August - December)

Environmental Management in Practice - Technology, Actors and Systems;
Environmental Assessment Methods;
Environmental Management in Organisations;
Corporate Environmental Management in Practice; and
Policies and Approaches to Sustainability I

Third block:

Courses, practical exercises and individual assignments (January - May)

Policies and Approaches to Sustainability II;
Applied Research in Sustainable Consumption and Production;
Strategic Environmental Development, and
Applied Research Methods.

Fourth block:

Involved independent research for a Master Thesis Project leading to thesis defense which takes place on campus in Lund (June - October).

Thesis project

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